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How it works

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Healthcare Benefits

  • Improve patient and family communication

  • Increase your patient’s perception of care

  • Save staff time with ease of use

  • Maximize financial reimbursements

  • Eliminate the high cost associated with replacement

Restaurant Benefits

  • Update menus and daily specials

  • Easily list soups of the day

  • Announce nightly entertainment

  • Promote happy hour deals

  • Display employee schedules

  • Keep track of inventory

Corporate Benefits

  • Facilitate brainstorming sessions

  • Boost your communication & productivity

  • Perfect for charts, diagrams, facts and figures

  • Strategy and other plans

  • Share companywide initiatives

  • Display corporate policies

  • Record topics needing further review or discussion

  • Post meeting rules

Education Benefits

  • Schedule activities

  • Post and easily update curriculum

  • Share school announcements

  • Assignment due dates and progress calendar

  • Display awards, recognition and achievements

Athletics Benefits

  • Effectively illustrate plays

  • Track athletic performance

  • Scheduling: practice, workouts, games

  • Post the starting lineup

  • Keep track of team and individual goals

  • Display exercise charts

Civic Benefits

  • Improve military / veteran’s hospital care
    (see healthcare for available healthcare inserts)

  • Monitor military PT performance

  • Track personnel and asset allocation

  • Plot military logistics

  • Scheduling reservists and leave

  • Jury selection, case review, etc…

  • Maintain courtroom docket lists

  • Organize workflow & planning

Request a sample kit

Want to see the Chameleon Whiteboard in person before you buy? We are so positive you'll love the Chameleon Whiteboard and accessories that we'll send you a free sample kit before you buy. We have three different sample kits depending on your taste; all kits include a small sample board, a two-sided insert, metal plate, patented eraser set with markers, marker tray, microfiber cloth, and a USB drive with materials.

Chameleon whiteboard wood frame sample kit
Chameleon whiteboard Metal frame sample kit
Chameleon whiteboard frameless sample kit

Wood frame

Wood framed boards come in a variety of different stains. To see the different stain options we offer request more information below. 

Metal frame

Metal boards come in black metal satin or silver metal satin depending on your preference.


Our latest product offering is a sleek new frameless design offering airiness and minimalism.

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