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Product FAQs

Frequently asked questions:

What Are Your Standard Product Sizes?

Chameleon Standard Whiteboard Sizes are:

  • 13” x 15” vertical

  • 15” x 13” horizontal

  • 18” x 24” vertical

  • 24” x 18” horizontal

  • 24” x 24” square

  • 24” x 36” vertical

  • 36” x 24” horizontal

  • 30” x 30” square

  • 36” x 48” vertical

  • 48” x 36” horizontal

  • 60” x 48” horizontal

  • 72” x 48” vertical

  • 96”x 48” vertical

  • Custom Sizes Available


All outside dimensions shown above are based on wood frame profiles. Frameless and metal frame outside dimensions are smaller based on the reduction in the frame type profile. All insert content areas are the same size, no matter which profile is chosen.

Are Custom Sizes Available Should We Have Unique or Specific Needs Outside Of Your Standard Sizes?

  • Yes, a variety of custom sizes, framing options, colors, stains etc. are available.

What Framing Options Are Available? 

  • Chameleon Corporation is pleased to offer a variety of frame, stain, and color options.  We offer:

  • Anodized black aluminum.

  • Anodized satin aluminum.

  • Wood (any stain color).

  • Frameless.

Is There a Difference in Cost for the Different Framing Options?

  • No, we have purposely created pricing so that your frame choice would not result in additional fees.

How Are Chameleon Whiteboards Constructed?

  • Chameleon Whiteboards are manufactured with the following components:

  • Magnetic white board.

  • Wood or Anodized metal framing.

  • UV, Mar resistant plexiglass hinged cover.

  • Magnetic Locks to keep the Plexiglass closed.  Threaded locks and Secure locks are also available.

  • Marker/Eraser Tray (All Chameleon Whiteboards come with a Marker Eraser Tray.  Utilization of the tray is left to each’s facilities’ personal preference.)

  • Full color Sanitizable graphic inserts.

  • Holds up to three graphic inserts for multiple languages and or alternate content.

  • Plexiglass with hinge can be replaced if needed.

Are we supposed to write on the Acrylic or on the Insert itself?  Do I have to change the insert for every patient?

  • Chameleon Corporation specifically designed the Chameleon Whiteboard with a Dry Erase Plexiglass and Interchangeable Inserts to:

  • Our purposeful construction allows clients to write on the Plexiglass (not on the Insert) as the Plexiglass erases perfectly clean and does not stain, shadow, or ghost.

  • The Inserts do not need to be changed for every new patient.   Our Interchangeable Inserts are only swapped or replaced when there is a communication need change such as an alternate language, alternate content or any other reason calling for a change in the pre-printed insert content.

Why Plexiglass and Graphic Inserts; couldn’t you use glass, plastic as well as cardboard or paper inserts?

  • We could use less than premium components but have chosen not to for the following reasons:

  • Plexiglass is the most durable of glass and plastic and is less susceptible to breaking, shattering or other damage.

  • Plexiglass will last for 10 to 20 years where plastic will need to be replaced every 1 to 2 years.

  • Chameleon inserts are durable, will not fade or discolor over time and most importantly can be cleaned if exposed to infectious disease or other elements requiring cleaning.

Can We Have Our Own Inserts Designed Specifically for Our Needs?

  • Yes, your insert / inserts are 100% customizable to meet your needs. Our designers will work with you to come up with a design or designs that are perfect for your organization.  We offer:

  • Completely customizable lay-out, content, colors, and logo to meet your specific communication goals.

  • Can include pre-printed variable data such as room numbers, phone numbers etc…

  • Sample designs available to compliment creative ideas can be provided.

  • Language translations.

  • Initial consultation design can include HCAHPS, CAHPS, Patient Satisfaction, Value Based Purchasing maximization and other quality / metric improvement concerns.

How Should We Clean Our Chameleon Whiteboards? Can we write on the Plexiglass with Permanent Markers?  What happens if someone does?

  • Chameleon Whiteboards offer a variety of cleaning options.  The most options are:

  • Wipe with a soft, clean lint free cloth or non-abrasive disinfected wipes.

  • Dry Eraser.

  • Clean Water with a non-abrasive wipe.

  • *If using spray do not directly spray on the plexiglass or framing. If needed spray the cloth and then use the cloth to clean cover and frame.

  • You can write on the Chameleon Whiteboards with a Permanent Marker, but it is not recommended as a best practice?  To remove permanent marker from the Chameleon Dry Erase Acrylic:

  • Use a Clorox Wipe to remove the permanent marker or

  • Removal of permanent marker is recommended by tracing over the permanent ink with a dry erase marker and then erasing as normal. This may take several attempts to completely erase.

Does Chameleon Corporation offer accessories such as markers and erasers?  Does the color of Marker make a difference?

  • Yes, Chameleon Corporation is proud to offer the following accessories:

  • Dry Erase Markers

  • A Magnetic Eraser with 2 holders to house the markers.

  • Metal Wall Plates to hold the Magnetic Eraser Set.

  • Rolling / Locking Stands for surgery boards or other areas where wall space is limited.

  • Magnet Packs

  • After evaluating several different types of marker inks and colors, we have found that a dark black ink is the most easily seen marker color choice for use on the boards and it is also the easiest color to clean from the boards.   To this aim, we highly recommend only the use of black markers.

What Are Your Production Times?

  • Most Chameleon Whiteboard orders will be custom produced to meet the exact needs of our clients.  Our standard production times are:

  • In stock sizes typically take 2 to 4 weeks based on quantity ordered.

  • Out of stock or custom orders usually takes 60-75 days.

  • Insert design(s) and printing is typically done while the boards are being manufactured to not delay in receipt of completed order.

  • Production time starts upon receipt of deposit and purchase order.

How Easy Are Chameleon Whiteboards to Install?  Does Chameleon Corporation offer Installation?

  • Yes, Chameleon Whiteboards where specifically designed to be easy to maintain and install.

  • Chameleon Whiteboards are typically installed on walls using anchors and screws which are included with each board.

  • Larger sizes include two wood mounting brackets for additional security.

  • Chameleon Corporation does offer onsite installation of the Chameleon Whiteboards as an additional service.  Please contact us directly for specific pricing relating to installation.

How is Chameleon Corporation different from other whiteboard companies we have seen in the marketplace?

  • Chameleon Corporation has differentiated themselves from competitors in many ways:

  • We are the manufacturers of our product, not resellers.  We’ve seen many competitors reselling someone else’s product under many different names.  We are the ORIGINAL.

  • We were the first company to introduce Interchangeability in terms of content design and changes.  Our Interchangeability is patent pending.  Other duplication attempts in the marketplace are not original and have been produced to mimic our protected functionality.

  • We are a solution based, forward thinking company with excellent and excellent creative team for insert design.  We are not a marketing company trying to turn marketing concepts into a solution-based product.

  • We understand the challenges faced by Healthcare Organizations and in all other Business Industries.   Our leadership’s team’s backgrounds are specifically in HealthCare and Business Industries.

Does Chameleon Corporation Offer A Warranty?

  • Yes, the Chameleon Whiteboard warranty information is a follows:

  • Chameleon Corporation provides a three year replacement warranty for defects in materials or workmanship.

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